Ruban Selvanayagam


Supporting Microfinance in Brazil

20th May 2010
As a country which is witnessing large-scale economic growth exemplified by a widening middle class, rising GDP, large export growth, oil discoveries amongst several other factors ' it is often forgotten that some parts of Brazil are still experiencing ab... Read >

The Banking System of Brazil

10th March 2010
Post global recession, the Brazilian banking model is now internationally recognized as a highly efficient system. Many attribute its recent success to the sophisticated mechanisms and regulatory systems that were created during the 'lost-decade' of hyper... Read >

Brazil's Lost Decade of Hyperinflation

10th March 2010
This article provides a brief overall description of the history of inflation in Brazil. We focus particularly on what has now become known as the 'lost decade' of hyper-inflation as well as the policies that were used to curb its effects, which have prov... Read >